GFF Shin Providence Shewsbury Custom

Since I got extra body of GFF (or rather Cosmic Region) Providence Gundam and since I have a very lousy GFF Shin Musha Gundam, I decided to do some simple modification just for fun sake....

So after 30 minutes of thinking and 30 minutes of working.... this is the final result...

GFF Shin Providence Shewsbury Custom.

As a side note... lot's of super glue and cement involved in this simple project....

I wanted to replace that DRAGOON backpack system with something else but I still don't have the idea of what that something else would be.... so at the moment, it should remain as it is....

Last time I have some annoyance with the arms articulations of the GFF Shin Musha/Musha Gundam - probably due to the armor design but also due to the poor finishing by the factory in China. It is normal to encounter lousy quality control on some (and probably) many of the GFF figures in the past.

But recently, Tamashii Nation (a.k.a Bandai Collector’s Division) have launched the GFFN figure series which use die cast metal as the inner frame or skeleton and Bandai have emphasized on the quality control more than ever now.

The result is that the figure from the GFFN series are so fare much better in terms of paint quality, finishing, stability and articulation - and of coz that also means the price is higher.

However, sometimes I do feel that it's a little late for Bandai to really look into that issue - though late is better then never.

In the past many collectors complain about some "lousiness" on the GFF figures and the spin-off series like Zeonography, Cosmic Region etc.

The Providence Gundam, Shin Providence Shewsbury Custom and Legend Gundam all together.

Have you ever do any modification on your expensive Gundam Fix Figuration (GFF) figures?



  1. I dare to cut my Gundam model kits but for MSIA and GFF NO!!!!

  2. I salute you doing custom of Fix configuration figures.

  3. wah... this is beyond my.. i dont even... O_o

    GFF MODS!! I dont expect this!!

    your are a brave modder :D

  4. I never was into the GFF line,Cuze its way too expensive most of the time^^;

    But heck thats one great mod, But It would look better if the plating were painted a deep navy Blue^^

  5. LOL, actually no big deal guys... it's not really a difficult mods anyway... and I did this since I have extra body of GFF Providence Gundam and a lousy GFF Shin Musha Gundam...

    So to make the best use of both, I decided to do this stupid mods...

    All I do is basically just a simple attach here and there and put lots of super glue and some cement - and that's it....

    Nonetheless as Mikee suggested, should do some painting a bit... I agree about it... but I'm too lazy to get involved with painting stuff - lots of work :-(

  6. Holy... I don't even...

  7. Wow that's cool~

  8. I have the infamous Limited GFFMC Z plus blue, i didn't even apply the extra panel line or the extra dry transfer decals. I leave it just like that. Btw, not all GFFN has die cast parts. I have the GFFN Rezel and it has no die casts unlike the GFFN Aile Strike and GFFN ZII.

  9. Thanks for the info Mike, GFFN Rezel is something that I will not buy coz that model is not piloted by specific hero or villain.... just a standard issue MS like GM I guess....

    The next GFFN that will arrive in Shewsbury Land is the GFFN Full Armor Unicorn Gundam... I hope it will have the Die Cast Metal in it....


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