Macro photography

Not sure what title to use so I guess from now onwards I just use this title for any random Macro photography articles...

Have you seen our previous post about the Iguana? I guess this baby Iguana is the child of that big one...

I found them by accident as I was actually looking for a big fly....



  1. any trick to make those insect stay during take the picture ??

  2. You got to use tripod for these shots.

  3. Uwah... Those are pretty close up close-ups, da ze~!

    Nice. =D

  4. Aya, no trick...hahahaha... it's all about effort.

    - First I have to get close to the fly/insect.

    - After that I use the camera zoom to do the rest, my camera can zoom up to 30x

    - Additionally I also use add-on lens Raynox DCR-250 Macro Lens.

    - You need to have steady hand and at all time you cannot caused any movement that can shake the plants or the branch or the leaf where those fly is standing. Once slight movement will make them run away.

    - 1 useful tip that my expert friend told me and I happen to use it a lot is to hold my breath till my camera managed to record the photo.

    - Most of the insects that I got so far are never afraid of the camera sound or the flash lights but they are very sensitive towards the plant/tree shake...

  5. Leon, yeah usually most people will recommend tripod but so far all of my shots are purely using hand held technique... my arms get pretty tired with it though...

    I have a good tripod but I'm lazy to carry it around for Macro shots coz it takes time to do the set up (which by the time I'm done with the adjustment, probably the insects are gone already).

    Another reason is that those insects are usually under some odds location of the flower or plant and the terrain will make it more challenging to set up a tripod - there are times when I have to squat or crawl just to get a good shot and still end up with failures...

    Again my camera zoom power and the Raynox DCR-250 Macro Lens is the big factor that make the job easier - most of the times...

  6. I envy your shots. I wish I could be able to take photos like this when I'm able to buy Raynox soon. Hahays. Good Job Sir!!!

  7. Boffill - thanks but this is just an amateur result, I'm sure there are many other wonderful results than mine... don't worry, someday once you have the Raynox DCR-250, I believe you sure can achieve similar or better result. All you need is patience and lots of practice... good luck


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