Fixing loose joints and accessories

Just like many of you, we in Shewsbury Land have also experienced those loose or lousy joints or accessories, weapon or armor parts etc.

Then again, many of you have different approach and way to solve that problem.

In Shewsbury Land though, most of the times we prefer to use this White Glue;

Below are some of the figures that we have problems on their joints, accessories, armor parts, weapon, attachment plug and and so on..... we just use the above white glue to address and solve the issue....

Normal GFF is common to have loose joints and/or lousiness here and there... that large shoulder parts is now firm and rock steady after we "White Glue" it...

The shield of this NT-Alex always fall down from his arm.... annoying.... we just put some White Glue on the whole where you should plug the shield attachment and now the shield can stay there firmly....

We love this modern Hasbro Star Wars figure (Darth Vader). However, the light saber always fall down from the hand.... but now, after we "White Glue" it, the light saber stays on his hand firmly even if this figure occasionally fall down from our display shelf....

Figma Hayate Yagami.... Last time the hat always fall down...

Now even if we do something like this..... the hat will stay on the head....

And in fact we also use this White Glue on some of our GunPlaMo kits to solve certain problems.

Unlike super glue which bonds in seconds and surely will stick forever, anything (on figures stuff) that you stick with this White Glue can still be removed and washed later in the future if in case you don't want it anymore. It take some time to dry but once it's dry it surely give you a very good result.

In fact I tried this item after reading the about almost the same article to address the same issue in Danny Choo's website - he eventually use the wood glue, something that I don't know where to find but eventually his method works as well.

You can find this white glue easily from many stationery shop or departmental store near you as this glue is also widely use for office and school stuff.



  1. Good tip. I usually used, don't laugh, tiny bits of tissue paper to make joints tighter (well, it works) or coat the pegs with a layer of Mr Cement.

    Now... I need to look for that glue.

  2. White glue = Wood glue.

    Crap cement didn't tighten up mah' God's left knee joint, time to get a Love juice glue. >=D

  3. Thanks for sharing. I have another way to fix loose too. Will share it later. LOL


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