Digirama - Camouflage

Come to think of it, I never made any digirama using Gundam or GunPlas stuff.

Recently when I was doing some Macro photography, I was inspired by the camouflage abilities of some of the insects and little creatures that I have met so far.

And thus, this digirama is suddenly created from that inspiration - without any actual planning what so ever... I happen to carry these 3 guys in my camera bag and I was in the middle of enjoying my self taking photos of this big fly I saw and just like that... something came to my mind... why don't I do some digirama - right here, right now...

And just like that, I took out these 3 guys and just do it...

So this is it... I have to admit that it is not probably great but more importantly this is the first digirama I did outside of our "indoor studio"...

Ladies and gents... the first outdoor digirama from Shewsbury Land...

Camouflage - The Art of Ninja....

Although the dialogue of the story change a little bit from the one that I had in my mind when I do the photo shooting.... but then again... I think I can live with the final outcome... will try to improve again next time...



  1. hahah I can't believe I didn't see the unicorn head down there

  2. I would doubt my grunts will fare well in the camou field.

    Niiiice, two Geara Zulus.

  3. Wah.....nice camo man!!! Didn't expect of all the kits unicorn to be down under!


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