Digirama - Apple Fest 2010

Something to cheer you up or maybe as some sort of inspiration for you to make your next digirama....

Have you seen our previous Digirama - Moon Cake Fiasco?

Well, if you haven't, we recommended that you see that one first before you see this one because this featured digirama is basically a some sort of "respond" to the Moon Cake Fiasco.

Nonetheless, hope you will like this...

Scroll down slowly, don't spoil the fun by scrolling quickly...


Opps... Sorry... it's time for some commercial break....

Digirama - Shewsbury Cafe

Click here to view the Digirama...


Click here to read it...

OK, end of commercial break.... thank you for your patience, back to the digirama now....


As Konata was counting;




and BOOM.......

You can read the review of "that thing" in here ...

This digirama took 2 hours for photo shooting and another 1 hour plus for photo processing and editing using the best and the most user friendly photo editor program called Photoscape which can be downloaded for free below:


You should try this program, highly recommended by Shewsbury Land and if you happen to like it and feel generous to help with further development of this program, you can send some donation of minimum USD 10.00 to them by using PayPal.

This digirama is processed and edited entirely using Photoscape 3.5



  1. Miyuki just seen something that cannot be unseen...

    I had choke my drink upon seeing THAT~! Not what I had expected (was expecting Konata's hand thingy to eat the apple, really) but had a good out-of-breath laugh.

  2. Hahaha... BD77, glad that it can make you laugh... I hope to published more digirama in the future...

  3. Mind if I add your link into my blogroll? =D

  4. BD77 sure no problem, I will do the same now...

  5. omG the last scene after the commercial!! This is good stuff man! Really!! Nice 'oral' on miyuki lol...now all you need is some whitish stuff on her face :P

  6. Hahaha... Chubby, actually I plan to do it, using the white glue as a "fake sperm" but then again, I think that is way too much for Miyuki to take... it's already shocking for her to see "that jumbo size thing" appear out of the apple and if I add the fake sperm, I think Miyuki will fainted.... hahahahaha

  7. Thanks Jojo, long time haven't seen you give comments in Shewsbury Land... hehehehe... glad to see you again....

  8. as expected from David john....

  9. wakakakakakak!! and you even make a review for THAT thing?! X D
    really interesting blog Indeed Dave!!


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