MiniChamps Panasonic Toyota TF102

This is a 1/18 scale of an F1 car for Panasonic Toyota F1 Team produced by MiniChamps and in the model number is TF102.

This model is quite expensive and yet fragile and surely not something that you will give to kids (unless of coz if you are rich).

The local price here is about SGD 150.00, some shop sell at SGD 140.00 and some other sell it for SGD 160.00 (and yes, no body bought it yet till now)...

For me, this F1 car is all about those nice decals. I probably love Panasonic brand a lot and yes Toyota is our global Japanese superstar in the automobile industry so it is a good combination.

I am a Ferrari fan when Michael Schumacher was there (and also due to the red and yellow color) but when Toyota joined F1 I do support them as well, though there are plenty of disappointment surrounding their short lived F1 career... I somehow still like Toyota as my 2nd team after Ferrari.

The Toyota TF102 was the car with which the Toyota team competed in the 2002 Formula One season, the team's inaugural Championship campaign. The car reflected the results of a year's testing in 2001 with the TF101, and was designed primarily by Gustav Brunner and Dago Rohrer. As with the TF101, it was piloted during the season by Mika Salo and Allan McNish.

Nonetheless, this is it...

The box;

Out of the box;

All the decals are truly accurate according to the actual TF102. I really love to see those decals, especially the "Panasonic"

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The driver's helmet and uniform is nicely detailed...

And the steering wheel also looks like the real one amid the smaller scale...

From this view we can see all those small buttons and switches as it is available in the actual steering wheel...

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On this top part is where they usually put that camera so that we can see the "driver's view" or some sort when we watched F1 on TV....

Side by side with my 1/18 scale Honda S2000 from Maisto...

Overall this is a true 1/18 scale Panasonic Toyota Racing team car with great decals and detailing all over it and perhaps my only complains on it is that certain parts is indeed quite fragile so you really need to be careful with it.

It is unclear and maybe also unlikely we will see Toyota again in F1 - well at least not in the next 5 years (though I would still hope that they will comeback someday) and thus this 1/18 scale die cast model can bring some memories to those days when I can see Toyota in F1 on TV.



  1. I don't know you like formula 1 DJ adn it's rare someone bought toyota usually bough red ^^ or silver

  2. Ah budgeting will definitely help ^^ Once you get thru that initial phase of buying every release your purchases will slow down a fair bit. I have not bought any gundams so far this year thought haha ^^ Just but one nendoroid every 1 to 2 months instead.

    If crisis happens, I definitely will have to prioritize my family first ^^ One thing good about this hobby, you can always come back to it later :D


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