Cosplay Square

Probably some of you are lucky enough to attend the recent Brunei DevMeet 2009 events and I'm sure you having great times looking at all the gorgeous people and their wonderful cosplay, I certainly enjoy looking at the pretty priest... hahahahaha...

Nonetheless, today we wish to introduce this Cosplay Square.

Cosplay Square is a group of registered online enterprise under the name iFusion Square Enterprise and currently they have 3 site at,, - though not yet for this Cosplay Square (maybe soon).

Currently they operate their business thru MSN messaging only as the site is still under construction.

The MSN name is =

So if you interested to get any Cosplay stuff, you can can now get it from them, they said; "Name your character and we bring it in for you..." I wonder if they can bring in Erika Sato or Azumi Kawashima for me... that would be cool then...

So this is how basically they take orders (and how you place orders) and proceed with payment and shipment process;

They normally require their customers to quote their character, and we will provide them with details like costume pricing, materials, and etc. (and sometimes pictures, but currently limited)

Measurements such as chest, waist, hip, height, shoulder width, desired shirt/pants length will be required depending on costumes’ designs.

They also catered equipments such as accessories, weapons, and wigs.

Most of the wigs, weapons and accessories are limited and some are huge, they advised buyers to purchase them as add on to their costume for better deal.

Customers are required to pay 50% deposit after making order and the remaining 50% will be collected when the costume arrived and/or during delivery/pick ups.

Meet-up places can be arranged, but mostly they favor SupaSave Gadong (Mata-Mata) or The Mall Gadong.

This guy get the whole costume from Cosplay Square.

Miku's wig is from Cosplay Square.

Lacus Clyne's wig is from Cosplay Square.

Chibi Riku's wig is from Cosplay Square.

The pretty priest... my favorite... hahahaha... she got her whole costume from Cosplay Square. You should see her with her super almighty cute face expression wearing some sort of Korean's dress (or maybe Japanese - I'm not sure) in the profile photo of her blog... absolutely gorgeous

So if you thinking to venture into this Costplay stuff seriously, think no further, contact Cosplay Square and hopefully they can help you to become your favorite character(s).

Shewsbury Land wishes all the best to Cosplay Square and all the lovely and gorgeous local costplayers and hopefully by this year things will get better for everybody...


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