Santa Claus

Ever wonder why Santa Claus is fat with big tummy?

I've seen plenty of Santa Claus photos (and even on TV and in real life) ever since my childhood times and the image or trademark of Santa Claus is mostly consistent... an old man with red and white uniform, quite fat, big tummy, very friendly, smiles and laugh a lot, love to say those simple joyful words - Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas... and not to forget they carry sack filled with lots of Christmas goodies that you would want...

I have these stupid personal theory of mine, Santa Claus is fat and have big tummy because from January to November he basically just stay home and enjoying himself with his family maybe and still get full his salary paid in full. On December however, when most people are starting their winter break and looking forward for Christmas, that is the time when Santa finally go out for some action and do lot's of works.... distributing Christmas gift all around the world bringing the joy and happiness to the kids and the love ones.

Do you have other opinion or stupid idea/theory of why Santa Claus is fat?

...A photo of Santa Claus - off duty with a bottle of whisky...


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