VF-25F Messiah Alto Custom

This is the transformable mecha action figure from Macross series by Bandai - the magnificent VF-25F Messiah Alto Custom.

I bough this at the local shop for SGD 70.00 while the price in HLJ is 4,800 yen before shipment charges... you can use the official currency converter of Shewsbury Land in www.xe.com - Just take note it is easy to just use JPY/SGD conversion as even if you try search the B$ it is actually the same rate.

At almost the same price of some of the Gundam Fix Figuration toys line up, you could expect great things for this item.

As a side notes, it would be better if you also buy the Tamashii Stage Action Support Type so that you can easily display this item as Bandai Action Base 1 and 2 is not really suitable (well, they're suppose to be for Gundam only not Macross). I personally prefer this = Tamashii Stage Act 2: Action Support Type.

The box

Out of the box...

Plentiful of additional/extra/optional parts that you need to make the "transformation" process possible...

As always, let's look at the body first...

In robot mode (or rather Battroid Mode) the Messiah have decent articulation and can perform some action pose but not as dynamic as of the non transformable Macross figurine from Revoltech.

At least for an old man like me, this is the most annoying part - transformation. It is not really something that is too difficult but somehow it takes me almost 1 hour to complete it.

As you can see from the manual, the "transformation" process includes parts removing and swapping...

After 1 hour later... this is it... the jet mode or rather the Fighter Mode... looks nice and beautiful though...

It has some decent details on it as well...

"Transforming" from Fighter Mode to Gerwalk Mode is a little easy, took me about within 30 minutes...

The look is a little weird but this is the special trademark of the jet fighters from any Macross series... other anime/toys can try to copy such creation but it is Macross who first started it.... something unique isn't it?

From Gerwalk Mode it is also easier for me to "transform" it back to the Battroid Mode... about 30 mintues as well...

This seems to be my favorite mode...

If you lazy to build the plamo kit and you still want something that can transform into Battroid, Fighter and Gerwalk Mode - then you should get this model.

As I mentioned earlier, the "transformation" process actually includes the part removal/swapping but in fact it is not at all too difficult. You don't really have to be a genius to follow it... just some patience and concentration can make things a little easier but I guess if you are a hardcore Macross fan that is never a problem at all coz when you do something with lots of passion and love in it the result is surely positive.

Bandai is not Hasbro/Takara Tomy and therefore "transformation" it is not really the strong hold of Bandai - at least not for the time being. No doubt that Hasbro are very excellent in their Transformers toys series and I think the way they design the toys to fit the desired transformation process deserved great credits but surely with all the latest technology and further R&D within Bandai, I believe someday they can surely catch up with Hasbro/Takara Tomy.

However if you just like to have the Battroid Mode in itself you can consider those mecha figures made by Yamato but I'm not sure if they have this particular model (Messiah Alto Custom).


  1. heyy.. i have the same vf-25f ^^ found it accidentally on eBay at supercheap price, $16! While it has some minor flaws, like how it make me frustrated making it stand firm on Gerwalk mode, it really look beautiful on fighter mode, a very detailed piece of art.. just hoping that i won't drop and lost a tiny part of it while transforming, AARGHHH..THERE'S SO MANY OF 'EM! @_@

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