Instant Noodles

Today I would like to highlight about this instant noodles, possibly the most well-known food across East Asia and South East Asia. I'm not sure about other parts like Southern Asia and Middle East though but for sure in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia and also The Philippines... we all are very familiar with this food.

In certain countries like Malaysia and Brunei "generally" it is also refer to a synonym of "Maggi" due to the popularity of that brand from Nestle and they have in fact have been around in the retail market for as long as you can remember.

It's the same thing where sometimes people referred "toothpaste" as "Colgate" but in fact they're buying other brand like "Darlie", "Sparkle" or even "Kodomo Lion".

Apart from this normal packaging that you can see here, they also have the so called "cup type" where they packed it in a cup type of packaging, nicely sealed... and when you want to eat them, just pour hot water and wait for 2 minutes and it's ready to be eaten...

It's quite popular now... some 24 hours convenience stores did sell this type and even provide free hot water for you... how nice... but some does charge a minimal coins fee for it... fair enough.

I for example, eat this instant noodles as breakfast and sometimes also for lunch or dinner. This is because due to business or you just craving for the "maggi" taste or sometimes you just lazy to cook or even you get bored with all those "heavy full course meal" that you eat day in day out...

In fact this morning I had "Indomie" fried instant noodles with 1 fried sausage as breakfast.

They're many different ways for people to enjoy their instant noodles. Some love it plain as it is while some love it with eggs and some other will even throw vegetables and they are others who love to throw all kind of extra mixtures like salted fish, salted egg, fried fish, fried tofu, fried garlic, sardines, sausages and trust me, they are also people eating rice using the instant noodles as one of their "dishes"

Eventually, it is all about preferences. There is no specific standard way on how you should eat the instant noodles. Eat it the way you like it, no body can dictate how it should be eaten.

Though the name is "instant noodles" they are stories that I heard where people become fat for eating lots of instant noodles... but I have a friend who eat 1 or 2 packets of instant noodles per day and yet he never get fat, just as slim as he is.... but I guess maybe that is also because he is suffering from some cancer or what ever it is inside his body so I can't really use him as comparison I guess...

But seriously, do you believe that fact people were saying that you can be fat by just eating instant noodles? Is this a myth or a fact?

There are even rumors saying that this instant noodles if eaten regularly can cause cancer hazard bla bla bla.... I personally don't believe it and anyway its not that I eat instant noodles continously everyday. However, there are plenty of people out there who really believe in it.

How about you? Do you believe that?

I mean people can still eat beef steak everyday and die due to stroke or heart attack.

Or you can just eat plain rice everyday without anything else and still suffering of malnutrition.

The point is, what ever the rumors out there - proven or not - we all still love this instant noodles... perhaps we don't eat it as much but there are times surely when we just suddenly craving for it.

Many of us in this region have grown up eating this food since our childhood times and the habits continues till we grow up as an adult - from puberty to premature ejaculation and all the way to the time when we finally have sex and/or learned how to make babies systematically - we still remember this food.

Do you also love instant noodles?

What is your favorite additional mixtures (eggs, meats, vegetables, fish etc.) when you eat them?



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