1/144 HGUC Gouf (MS-07B)

So finally I got my HGUC Gouf and immediately I can say now, this particular GunPla model was first issued in April 2000 - that was 10 years ago and therefore one can't expect much on this but then again due to "sentimental value" I somehow decided to get this item and on top of that I actually planned to do a diorama decpicting the battle between RX-78-2 and the Gouf piloted by the ace Ramba Ral but for now... I may want to rethink about that again...

Just like the 1/100 MG kit (issued on October 2000) that cannot do so much posing (I'm not talking about the 1/100 MG Gouf Ver. 2.0) the HGUC version is not much different either.

Look at that body part... upper body and skirt part are all in one... that means the action pose is limited because the Gouf can't turn the body sideways.

After just 2 hours, this is it... look so plain...

So I decided to put a little decals to give "enhance the look"... after all I havent touch this Zeon decal ever since I got it last month.

After a while... this is it now...

I tried my best to do some action pose with the weapons but nothing much to expect from this.

Look at that again... the upper body part and the waist part is connected.

The machine gun on the left finger...

The famous hot rod - Amuro Ray have a though time with this Gouf...

Heat sword...

Well, I guess, that's about it.... for 600 yen, nothing much to expect and nothing much to complain either...

This is why I said in the past... I hope that Bandai will reproduce the HG 1/144 GunPla kits Gouf and ZAKU II (Char's Custom) using modern template and joint system.


  1. Haha I spotted a bandai sticker on the back! This kit sure brings back memories. Where did you find it?

  2. Yeah I love to put those Bandai stickers somewhere on the body of GunPla kits... it was my wife and sister in law who started it... and now I kind of like it or addicted to it... at least we don't waste that Bandai logo on the sticker that comes with the kit. I bought this kit from Hobby Link Japan (www.hlj.com)

  3. Ohz thanks! Will check it out ^^. Maybe I might get the MG 2.0 instead haha.

  4. After adding the decal, look more nice, i thought you gonna put the naked girls haha.. ;) do digirama ;) cheers

  5. Chubby... yeah the MG Gouf Ver. 20 is much nicer... I got my old MG Gouf in February 2009 - come May 2009, the Ver. 2.0 released... feel frustrated... but most likely I will buy the MG Gouf Ver. 2.0 to complement my MG RX-78-2 Ver. OYW. Hopefully around this year - or maybe as Xmas present for my self ^_^

  6. Jojo, in fact I also put another silver colored sticker on the chest and "dick", just like the one u see on the shoulder...

    The diorama project, will do it but only after I ordered 1 more Gouf especially for that project.

    You might see it soon in my blog hopefully... cheers


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