T-700 from Terminator 4 - Salvation

This is the mini 3.75 inch figurine of T-700 from the movie Terminator 4 - Salvation.

I've watched all of the Terminator movies since the first one they made in the 80's though eventually Terminator 2 - Judgment Day is still so far my favorite Terminator movie of them all.

Nonetheless, this mini action figure is quite cheap - 1,200 yen (about SGD 18.00) and therefore you cannot expect much from this item but some people do love mini size items.

Articulation wise... this is not Figma so don't expect much... basically this is all what he can do... as I said earlier, with the cheap price and small size, nothing much to expect from this item but I'm still happy to get it coz as at today, I don't see it anymore in HLJ.

OK, as always let's do some simple action pose...

These 2 ugly action pose is not something that I would show here everyday... but apparently I was rushing for other tasks when I do the photo shoot of this item... so maybe next time, if I got the free time again, I will try to upload a better pose.

This photo look's like he is using vacuum cleaner on the floor... hahahahaha..

But more importantly the real reason I show those ugly pose here is so that when you do your photo stuff with your action figures or GunPla or any other type of toys that can do any posing, it would be better if you explore more of of your creativity and try to think as much pose as possible coz with that extra thinking and efforts of yours it could give a big different to your photo.

And so far, I think these are all my future projects... this will take a while so you wont see all of them so soon, maybe 1 or 2 by next week but not all...

Yeah, finally I got the Kaempfer, been craving for that since few months ago...


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