Ikkitousen 3 / Battle Vixen 3

Last night I take a break from my "project" and spent the whole night relaxing watching the latest Ikkitousen series; "Ikkitousen 3 The Great Guardian"

Overall IMO, the series this time around focus more into Ryoumou and the temporarily resurrected Ryofu.

Actions and fighting wise, I think the first and the second of Ikkitousen have much more interesting fighting scene but somehow the storyline of this 3rd Season is quite OK.

Interestingly though that Sonsaku Hakufu is still as idiotic as she was... and still gorgeous anyway... I really hope that Max Factory / Good Smile Company will make the FIGMA for Sonsaku Hakufu... she deserved it as she is in fact the main protagonist of the series and I would hope that someday (in the anime) she can really show her real "Water Dragon" power and become the real elegant conqueror... I believe there is still plenty of things that we have yet to discover about Sonsaku Hakufu... for sure, I believe she is powerful - a hibernating dragon...

Surely this is my 2nd most favorite character after Hakufu - Goei, the mother of Hakufu, a very strict but loving mother and quite flirtatious ... do you know that she is also a great fighter? Maybe she's also good in bed, I dont mind to date her ^_^ hehehehe

Gorgeous Hakufu as waitress in Chinese restaurant

The "imagination" of Kanu Unchou

This lady in white kimono... she really look like the Jigoku Shoujo (Girl from hell)...


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